The Foundation

This page is where I will try and build the foundation of my principals. My first attempt to do this I copied and pasted the text of the documents and created separate pages of them. By doing this I lost the ability to comment or explain the significance of the documents. My new approach is to provide comments and link to the documents on better sites.

I expect this page to undergo quite a few changes until I am happy with the end result.
Societies must adopt standard rules to live by. The founding fathers of our Country adopted a set of principals to guide the formation of the United States. We must study these rules and base our decisions on these principals. If the principals no longer apply then we must go back and adjust or augment the foundation of our society. They left us the US Constitution.

The State of Kansas has adopted the Kansas Constitution.

A thought provoking pamphlet from Frederic Bastiat published in 1850 called The Law.

This page is under construction!!!